Our Story

The Lil Homie Project was developed by Cherisse Ervin in 2016 after the tragic loss of her son. Adarryl “Lil Homie” Ervin at the age of 14 started a promising music career, by the time he was 18 years old he had recorded and toured with several major artist. By the age of 19 he had gone through the ups and downs of the music industry and because of it, was left with a heavy strain on his heart. This was the beginning of the battle with him trying redefine his purpose, and it would prove to be a rocky road that would grow hard for him to travel.

Adarryl began having severe mood swings. He would have periods of extreme happiness, and would be the life of party in any setting. He also would experience periods of extreme sadness, where he felt no love from anyone. Adarryl was eventually diagnosed with bi-polar depression disorder. It wasn’t long before he began to self medicate with drugs and alcohol like many of the people suffering with mental illness.  On December 20th, 2015 Adarryl went into cardiac arrest and was put in an induced coma were he remained for 33 days. His mother had to make a decision that no mother should ever have to make. Through her faith that grew tremendously during the process she was able to release him to God on January 24, 2016. She vowed to educate parents, young adults, and anyone seeking help about mental illness. Striving to let them know they are loved and have options. Ms. Ervin wants to spread the message that people struggling to cope with mental illness can change their lives.

Thus, The LiL Homie Project is Born. Every year on June 17th an annual fundraising block party is held to celebrate the life of Adarryl “Lil Homie” Ervin for his birthday. Through music, community projects, and workshops the Lil Homie Project aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness and provide a positive outlet for the community.  You may also visit our social media pages for information on how you can be a part of the movement.

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